Sunday, 22 May 2011

21st Century Education

There are lots of views about how education and schools will change in this new century. As much as there is comfort in sticking with what you have had success with in the past, educators around the world will need to embrace technology and embed digital learning in their teaching if schools and classes are to remain relevant in the this new digital era. Just like slates and blackboards have been replaced with whiteboards and laptops, texts and notebooks are currently being replaced with kendels, netbooks and ipads. The forward looking educator is embracing digital learning and preparing young learners to use these interactive tools to access up to the minute knowledge, and collaborate with other learners and educators around the globe. This unprecedented access to anything on the planet puts today's learners in a position to think bigger than ever and breaks down many of the social and cultural barriers to innovation that have somewhat constrained earlier generations of students. As we head into this  new century, it is a time of great optimism and opportunity for those of us blessed to be working with our 21st Century Learners.

If you have an exciting digital learning project happening in your class, school, district or cyber community feel free to share on my blog. Looking forward to any posts that helps build enthusiasm for the great things happening in the world of digital learning today.

Dennis Jenkins, Superintendent of Education, Renfrew County District School Board, Ontario, Canada

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