Saturday, 12 November 2011

RCDSB Principals Embracing Twitter for Professional Development

Social Media and Educational Leadership

As shared at ACES last week, social media is revolutionizing the way learning happens. Not only do the various social media venues offer unprecedented learner collaboration, but it also provides powerful screening of thousands of articles, videos, blogs, etc, to bring the leaders professional development to a whole new level. We have recently had 16 of our administrators start their twitter accounts. Lets all get on board and lead by example as we encourage our teachers to take full advantage of the learning opportunities social media is bringing to our students. It has never been easier to access best practices! It’s an exciting time to be in education!

Looking for some exciting dialogue in the weeks and months ahead pertaining to the great professional development and learning regarding the use of social media in learning. Very proud of our administrators who are expanding their own professional learning via social media!

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